CSGA Featured Brand landing page || Warm welcome to our new CSGA Members

CSGA Toronto February 14th, 2019: Warm welcome to the 73 new members of CSGA … we look forward to working with you this year! Make sure you send in your PR’s and job postings.

CSGA featured brand linked logos deliver thousands of impressions to our member’s site of preference as a benefit of membership.

“At this time we would like to recognize all our current members. In as much we will be updating our CSGA Featured Brand logo landing page this spring. If your logo is missing, and you would like for it to be uploaded, here’s what we require,” says Marc Wilson, CSGA Sales Director.

  • Logo file requirement: 400 pixels wide x 300 pixels high res jpg
  • Logo URL: Link to the site where you want viewers to visit[1]
  • Submission Deadline: March 22nd, 2019
  • Send submission to: marc@csga.ca Subject: CSGA MEMBER logo upload

If you are a current CSGA member, and your logo needs updating, please follow aforementioned criteria except;

  • Send submission to: marc@csga.ca Subject: CSGA MEMBER logo revision

CSGA.CA will have received over 1 million page views by this summer, and new visitor traffic has been growing exponentially at +45%  since re-launch[2] with fastest growth coming from USA and international. To our current members, be seen internationally as supporters of our industry in Canada. Click here to download the CSGA logo

“Look forward to working with our new members in updating CSGA’S Featured brand landing page. Let me know if you have any questions, and always happy to hop-on-call,” says Marc.

Here are Marc’s coordinates;

T: 519-870-1817

E: marc@csga.ca


‘Coming together is the beginning. Working together is progress’

[1] If you have an affiliate program for the CSGA to use to convert additional sales revenue – please consider it here

[2] October 2018-January 2019


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