COREFX Covered Battle Rope || 360 athletics

The COREFX Covered Battle Rope takes our traditional battle rope to the next level. With a commercial grade nylon cover designed to withstand vigorous use, you can count on this rope having a superior lifespan. The COREFX Covered Battle Rope is 1.5″ in diameter, 50′ in length, weighs 28 lbs. The heat-sealed plastic boot cover for each handle provides superior grip.

Using the COREFX Battle Rope will help to dramatically increase strength, explosiveness, endurance and overall cardio and conditioning, fast!

Fitness Equipment Features:

  • COREFX Battle Rope is perfect for strength and conditioning workouts
  • 1.5″ Diameter
  • 50′ Length
  • 28 lbs.
  • Made from commercial grade nylon

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