CCM Hockey releases first integrated Goalie marketing campaign to celebrate product innovation leadership and over 50 years of Goalie craftmanship prior to launching new Eflex 5 Goalie line.

MONTREALMarch 31, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ – CCM Hockey, a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of hockey equipment and related apparel, is pleased to launch a unique, multi-platform marketing campaign to celebrate making the best Goalie gear.

For over a century, from street hockey to 6:00 a.m. arena scrums, “Who’s going in net?” has been the battle cry to ordain the key on-ice position…without which no true hockey game can begin.

CCM Hockey Goes In Net (CNW Group/CCM Hockey)

Many may hear the call, but only a scant few have the guts, the chilled veins, the mental resilience, the physical toughness, and the leadership qualities to actually answer it.

This was the spirit that led to “Anthem,” the long-form video used to launch the campaign, which will also include further in-depth videos, Instagram posts and other web, social media and in-store elements.  (You can see “Anthem” by clicking here.)

Dedication to innovation and performance – made by Goalies for Goalies
Our history speaks for itself.  Over the years, CCM Goalie has equipped the most Goalies, leagues, federations and teams…resulting in the most saves, wins and medal winners, including multiple Stanley Cups.  Looking ahead, this new campaign underlines the unwavering commitment to ensure confidence from those who play this most difficult position…all over the world and at all levels of the game.

With our dedication to innovation and performance, the CCM Goalie innovation team consists of over 15members, including product managers, industrial designers, development engineers, and biomechanics specialists highly driven to discover how to get the most performance out of its products.  “Surrounding ourselves with best R&D team and Goalies at all levels of play ensures we understand the Goalies inside and out, and are driven to create products to maximize their performance“, said Jeff Dalzell, Vice-president Product Creation at CCM Hockey.

This will be further evidenced by the launch of its new Eflex 5 Goalie line on April 23rd, which offers the ability to customize and adjust the performance foam at the highest level of play. With the introduction of Control Rebound Technology to adapt to your game, CCM is now introducing an industry-leading customization option for Goalies” adds Dalzell.

We’re in Net
It takes a Goalie to know a Goalie, which is why we asked Andy Nulman, former recreational Goalie, creative director and serial entrepreneur to team up with our own Global Creative Director, Sacha Ouimet, to bring to life this unique campaign“, says Caroline Losson, Chief Marketing Officer at CCM Hockey. The campaign celebrating CCM Goalie’s innovation, craft, performance and diversity in the game is currently available in seven video formats across the globe on CCM owned social channels.

Production: Nova Film – David PoulinCharles Gaudreau , Gabrielle Morissette
CCM Hockey: Caroline Losson, Charles BenoitSamantha MastropasquaKaylie Dankevy
Global Creative Director CCM Hockey: Sacha Ouimet
Written by: Andy Nulman & Sacha Ouimet
Design : Mika Malloch & Marjorie Larouche Bousquet

About CCM Hockey
CCM Hockey is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of hockey equipment and related apparel. With its headquarters located in Montreal, the company has operations in Canadathe United States and Europe. CCM Hockey equips more professional hockey players than any other company, including superstars like Connor McDavidMatt DumbaSidney CrosbyAlexander Ovechkin, key female players such as Brianna DeckerKendall Coyne-Schofield and Sarah Nurse and top performing Goalies such as Jakob Markstrom, Thatcher Demko and Philip Grubauer. CCM Hockey is also the official outfitter of the American Hockey League, the Canadian Hockey League, and several NCAA and National teams. For more info, visit: