Did you know CSGA members receive up to 43% discount off tariff?

As always, Canpar Courier is committed to providing enhanced partnership improvements in response to industry needs and suggestions. This includes a focus on operational synergies across TransForce companies with a goal to better efficiencies. Canpar Courier offers many services to meet your shipping needs including Express, Mobile Apps, and Collect, to name a few.

  • Email/Text Notification of Delivery: We’ll let you know via email or text message when your package arrives
  • Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN): By providing an email address in your CanShip shipping system, Canpar Courier will send an ASN to the consignee notifying them of the upcoming delivery. If they will not be available at time of delivery, there is a simple option to print and sign a notice for the driver for secure drop off.
  • Over 800 retail locations/access points available for consumers to retrieve packages
  • API available for shippers to have up front selection of a direct retail location delivery, eliminating residential surcharges, offers more convenience for customer pick up, and billing consolidation

For more information and to open a CSGA Canpar account visit;