Canada’s SPINCO announces expansion

When Michelle August opened her first SPINCO fitness studio in July 2014 in Kelowna, she had visions of eventually expanding to perhaps five locations.

But the entrepreneur has already surpassed her ambitions with nine locations to be in operation by the spring of this year.

“With my new partner here in Toronto, our goals have gotten a lot bigger. We basically want to open five to 10 studios a year over the next five years and get up to somewhere around 25 to 50 studios just depending on the communities and the response we’re getting from all the cities. Basically the way that we’ve been growing is by finding the right partners in the right cities as well. That’s a huge thing for us too.”

This month, locations will spring up in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. In February, a third Toronto location is planned to open and by the spring one as well in Oakville.

SPINCO’s King/Spadina location will sell exclusive merchandise from brands such as, Champion, LILYBOD, Alo Yoga, RYU Apparel and S’well, and will take part in the studio’s nationwide, by-donation Monday night class that gives back to local charities across Canada.


“SPINCO offers structured, full-body spin classes designed to strengthen the body, energize the mind and feed the soul. Since 2014, the goal of each SPINCO class has been to work together as one team, one bike, moving in unison to the beat of the music to engage the butt, core and arms. Lead by dedicated & motivating instructors, that have undergone intensive in-house training, SPINCO’s workouts are made to inspire and uplift. No matter the fitness level, prepare to be motivated to achieve higher levels of personal well-being, physical strength and positive mental attitude,” says the company on its website.

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