BytheWave Technologies Launches an Innovative Sports Tracker

Track Your Action Sports Experience Like Never Before

Company’s new tracker, Ride+, helps adventure sports participants gauge their improvement and overall performance in a variety of action sports from surfing and paddling to skiing.

HOSSEGOR, France, March 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Up to now, surfers, skiers, and other action adventure sports enthusiasts and professional participants, have had no way to accurately track their performance as exists with other sports activities such as walking, running, and cycling. A new company, BytheWave Technologies, (, is seeking to change that with the launch of its innovative and affordable tracker, Ride+, created specifically for extreme sports.

Driven by their passion for outdoor sports, the team at BytheWave Technologies created the Ride+,  a multi-sports tracker adaptable to all extreme sports environments, including the ocean, mountains, and even urban landscapes. The company’s unique tracker can connect to all action sports boards featuring a 9-axis motion tracking device, high precision GPS (167 dBm navigation sensitivity), and a 50h memory capacity. The Ride+ tracker determines the positions of the user during their different activities, tracks their speed, curves, and the number of rides. The Ride+ is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS devices.


BytheWave has launched an Indiegogo campaign, (

Core benefits for Ride+ include:

  • Coaching Function: Ride+ allows riders to get advice from a digital coach algorithm that accesses data from your activity and provides advice on how to improve on future activities. BytheWave Technologies partnered with coaches of various action sports for its development.
  • Real-time analysis: While an emerging market, not many sports trackers are able to do real-time analysis of a ride. Ride+ can go a step further in analyzing the interaction between the rider and the board.
  • Levels of progress: Another impressive feature of Ride+ that differentiates it from other sports trackers is its progression system. This system has levels 1-6 to determine and rate the stats of your activity. You will progress to the next level after improvements are made in your riding performance.
  • Multisport: Other traditional sports trackers are designed for a specific activity only. Ride+ is multisport and can be used for surfing, skiing, skating, windsurfing, and many other activities.
  • Accessible to anyone: The company’s goal was to make a device that anybody into action sports can use. Ride+ is accessible and easy to use for beginners and experts alike.
  • All-age-friendly: Ride+ can be used by action sports enthusiasts at any age.
  • 10-hour battery life: Most sports trackers lack a long battery life. Ride+ features a battery life of 10 hours in between each charge to support longer sports activity.
  • Android & Apple iOS Friendly: Ride+ can be connected to an application on mobile devices and desktop application via standard micro USB for both Android and Apple iOS.
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