Filters 98% of airborne particles with a 3-layer replacement filter system

BUFF®, creators of versatile performance headwear for all-season outdoor enthusiasts and athletes launches its BUFF® Filter Mask and BUFF® Replacement Filters. Incorporating sustainable, performance-driven fabrics and a 3-layer, recyclable filter, BUFF® now provides a safe and highly-breathable facial covering for all-day outdoor and indoor activities.

The BUFF® Filter Mask utilizes BUFF®’s 95% recycled CoolNet UV+® fabric, to create an articulated shape and adjustable design with performance features such as HeiQ cooling technology, breathability, and UPF 50 sun protection. The lightweight mask covers mouth, nose, and chin with an ergonomic construction that eliminates back-of-ear pressure point discomfort with two back-of-head adjustable straps.

A thin mesh interior pocket treated with HeiQ V-Block® antimicrobial treatment and bonded by silicon tape around the mouth area, holds a 3-layer recyclable filter inserted by the user. Each individual BUFF® Replacement Filter offers up to 24 hours of use wherein 98% of airborne particles are filtered. The filter is binder-free, latex-free, glue-free, and fiberglass-free.

The BUFF® Filter Mask ($40 MSRP ) that includes the mask and five 3-layer filters can be purchased only on Buff Canada in adult and junior color options. A Replacement Filter Pack ($30 MSRP) that includes 30 units is also available for purchase.

As a part of a corporate alliance with UNICEF, global sales from the BUFF® Filter Mask will be included in BUFF®’s donation pledge – two percent of its worldwide profits – to help fight COVID-19 in vulnerable communities.

About BUFF® Canada

BUFF® Canada Ltd. is the exclusive Canadian distributor of BUFF® products. Our team of distribution, sales and marketing specialists is dedicated to grow the BUFF® brand in Canada working closely with talented athletes, sponsoring events and supporting charities across the country.  Today we distribute to over 700 stores and many organisations requiring custom projects. The company is based in the mountain town of Canmore, Alberta.