Browns Shoes Maps Out Early 2019 Store Expansion Amid Continued Success

Montreal-based multi-brand premium footwear retailer Browns Shoes continues to see success with its Canadian operations, which the company attributes to its customer-centric approach and diverse range of fashionable product. As a result, the retailer will continue to expand its operations in Q1 2019 by opening and expanding a number of stores.

At a time when some footwear retailers are closing stores, Browns Shoes is seeing success that it attributes to enhanced customer experience which is creating demand for new and expanded locations.

Browns Shoes has been expanding its operations continuously over the past few years by opening new stores while also expanding, renovating and relocating other units that include Browns, B2 and Browns Outlet nameplates. Browns Shoes has built a loyal clientele nationwide in a network of stores that spans from Vancouver to Halifax.

The latest Browns Shoes expansion begins towards the end of January of 2019 when the company’s B2 store at CF Fairview Mall in Toronto will be rebranded as a Browns store, and will be relocated into a larger space. Next up, the Browns store at CF Carrefour Laval in suburban Montreal will see a renovation with an expected completion date for the end of March 2019.

In mid-April of 2019, the CF Toronto Eaton Centre B2 store will be relocated within the centre into a flagship-sized unit that will be about double the size of the existing store. Also Browns will open a Browns Outlet store at the Toronto Premium Outlets.

Browns Shoes has been expanding its operations continuously over the past several years by opening stores. In 2018, the brand has opened new locations and expanded others, making Browns Shoes a true national brand with stores spanning from Vancouver to Halifax. It’s an impressive expansion that has propelled Browns to almost 70 locations under the company’s Browns, B2 and Browns Outlet banners.

Additionally, Browns has plans to open and expand a number of additional stores between now and 2020.

Source: Retail Insider

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