Black Stone Sports® celebrates Back To Back Stanley Cup Championships with the St. Louis Blues and Washington Capitals, and is showing no signs of slowing down.  With a recent acquisition of Dupliskate, Blackstone announces Groupe Hockey is now the exclusive distributor in Quebec for products manufactured and sold in Ruthven Ontario, including the spinner system, Flat Bottom V®, the automated Dupliskate sharpener, and related accessories for all products.

Since 1995 Groupe Hockey has been the most advanced distributor in the Canadian hockey business.  The vast experience of the owners, and their staff, permit them to provide customer service that is second to none.

For the last several years, they have added to their personalization department for team apparel, and now look forward to helping the Quebec market grow and master the skate sharpening industry with the Black Stone Sports line of products.

Visit or contact them at (514)955-9733

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For more information contact Blackstone at or call 800-405-3433 for all your manual and automated skate sharpening machines and accessories.