Innovative device, now available in Canada s the Q-Collar, helps protect the brain from repeated sports-related impacts – allowing athletes to more safely play the sports they love

Oakville, ON. – 360 Athletics Inc. is proud to announce that its newest partnership is with the Q-Collar brand, which the company will exclusively represent for national distribution in Canada.

With concerns about traumatic brain injury (TBI) and athlete health top of mind, a product innovation focused on helping to protect the brain – the Q-Collar – is a welcome new offering to parents, coaches, trainers and athletes across Canada.

Fitted and worn around the neck, the Q-Collar is used with other sports equipment to help protect the brain from repeated sports-related impacts. A number of professional and elite athletes in North America are already wearing it on the field, including several CFL stars like Edmonton Eskimos’ quarterback Trevor Harris, Saskatchewan Roughriders’ defensive end Charleston Hughes and Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ linebacker Adam Bighill.  “I believe that our sport will always benefit from innovation, particularly when it comes to brain injuries,” says Bighill. “Considering my helmet is designed to mainly protect my skull, I was immediately drawn to the Q-Collar as a new way to help protect my brain. After reviewing the research and science behind it and experiencing first-hand how it feels to play while wearing it, I’m convinced the Q-Collar can be a game-changer for athletes at all levels.”

The Q-Collar was created by a team of doctors who identified that the movement of the brain inside the skull, also known as “slosh”, is a key cause of structural changes to the brain.

“Recognizing the limits of external protective equipment, such as helmets, in preventing movement-related damage to the brain, we looked for a way to reduce brain movement from the inside,” says Dr. Joseph Fisher, anesthesiologist and neuroscientist at the University of Toronto, and co-inventor of the Q-Collar technology. “Building on the key concept for why brain injury takes place, we reasoned that with a slight increase of blood volume caused by gentle compression of the neck veins, we could help reduce the brain’s movement, thereby protecting it from being stretched and jostled inside the skull.”

Extensive clinical studies, trials and research published in peer-reviewed journals and conducted by leading medical institutions including the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, University of Toronto and Harvard University have confirmed this thinking. Studies include real-life, on-field testing by over 500 athletes and across sports including football, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, skiing and auto racing, demonstrating that wearing the Q-Collar can help protect the brain from repeated sports-related impacts. The Q-Collar has been designed for any sport or activity where an athlete is exposed to head impacts. Canadian athletes, their parents and coaches now have the opportunity to use the Q-Collar as an added layer of protective equipment.

“After six years of research and development, we’re excited to now be at a point where athletes across Canada can benefit from the Q-Collar,” says Tom Hoey, co-founder, Q30 Innovations, the company behind the research and development of the Q-Collar. “We’re also very pleased to be working with such a well-respected, knowledgeable and successful partner in 360 Athletics for our sales and distribution efforts in the Canadian market.”

The Q-Collar provides athletes with a new way to more safely play the sports they love and allows parents to do more about their children’s safety without sacrificing performance and comfort. The Q-Collar does not replace other protective equipment, such as helmets, but can provide additional protection. The Q-Collar may not be suitable for everyone and Q30 recommends users to read and follow the directions for use.

The Q-Collar is available for purchase in Canada at Priced at $249 + Free Shipping the company also offers a team sales program for orders of 20 or more.

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Q30 Innovations is a neurosciences company whose mission is to preserve brain health on the sports field and the battlefield. For the past six years, Q30 has been working with leading medical, academic, engineering and design institutions to research and develop the Q-Collar, an externally worn device designed to help protect the brain from sports-related impacts. Q30 has invested over $20MM and sponsored more than 20 independent laboratory and clinical studies to test the safety and efficacy of the Q-Collar. For more information, visit

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