[30th March 2021 – KOBE, JAPAN] – ASICS is today announcing not one but two high-performance running shoes that take the power of human-centric design to the next level.

In an industry first, METASPEED™ Sky and METASPEED™ Edge have each been scientifically designed with a distinct type of running style in mind. The new racing shoes help elite athletes to reach the top of their game, because they don’t have to adjust their running style to fit the shoe anymore; instead, ASICS is giving them high-performance shoes that support their running style.

The shoes were unveiled at ASICS’ Innovation Summit 2021 – the brand’s annual showcase of the very pinnacle of new performance sportswear. This year ASICS hosted its first ever, fully personalized experience, taking guests on an interactive virtual reality journey through the past, present and future of the ASICS story and its longstanding commitment to human-centric design. The experience culminated in the grand reveal of its ground-breaking METASPEED™ innovation – the latest era-defining moment in this journey.

· ASICS hosts virtual reality reveal of two new high-performance running shoes, specially designed to support a runner’s individual style – already proven to reduce step count over the course of a marathon

· METASPEED™ Sky and METASPEED™ Edge were among the new innovations unveiled at ASICS’ annual innovation showcase, with guests taken on a virtual journey through the past, present and future of its commitment to human-centric design

· Every aspect of the virtual reality world is specially constructed to respond to changes in the user’s biodata in real-time to create a unique, interactive experience completely tailored to them.

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