Arc’teryx partners with Leave No Trace

In My Backyard

In late 2018, Arc’teryx partnered with Leave No Trace through its “In My Backyard” grant program, donating $25,000 to the organization to foster the development and roll out of its Citizen Science program.

The “In My Backyard” grant program contributes to projects that protect wild spaces and enable access and activity. The program creates the opportunity for non-profit organizations and Arc’teryx to come together to apply their shared values to solve impactful problems.

Leave No Trace was one of the six new global non-profit partners in the program announced in December 17, 2018.

“The decision on whom to fund is challenging. It always is and always should be. It’s the type of problem we want”, says Daniel Walker, Social Impact Lead, Sustainability at Arc’teryx. “We looked into our values and sought to see a reflection of them in the projects we supported.  When looking through that lens, Leave No Trace was an obvious choice: it brought about an innovative solution to the challenge and sought to empower local communities to take action to protect the wild spaces we all love.”

“Arc’teryx is proud to support these great organizations”, says Drummond Lawson, Director of Sustainability, Arc’teryx. “We believe that our business can be a force for positive change. It can occur not only by improving the practices in our core operations, but also by supporting partners and projects that are aligned with our values.”

“Our approach with IMBY is to leverage our business to have positive social impacts for our community. We do this through using the funds we generate to fund projects aligned with our values and the impacts we wish to see.”

Evolution based on learnings

Arc’teryx’s sustainability and community programs are constantly evolving, based on learnings from previous projects. In early 2019, Arc’teryx launched an in-store grant program, empowering their talented store teams globally to support the projects that are most impactful to their communities.

“We’re excited to expand our reach to our communities around the globe and to broaden our impact”, Lawson concludes.

Source: Arc’teryx


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