An innovative hat for women athletes

The Ponyback hat is changing the game in hat-wearing for women. This high-quality, fitted stretch fit design allows women the ability to wear a full back hat. The patent-pending discrete opening at the back of the hat allows women with long hair to wear their hair (ponytail or bun) at their preferred height and location. When not using the opening (when hair is down), the back opening closes using magnets and appears as if it is a normal full-back hat.

This hat is perfect for baseball, golf, and tennis. This hat also features a built-in soft comfort sweatband and buckram lining for a structured quality look.




About Ponyback Inc.

Ponyback recently launched in June 2020. Founder Stacey Keller is excited to bring this new cap design to women athletes. Stacey created this idea at her kitchen table after her frustration with wearing a traditional baseball hat. She wanted a high quality fitted hat but knew it wasn’t practical with her long hair. Inspired by her love for hats, three boys, and their magnetic toys.

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