Alberta’s 4iiii launches the Fliiiight Smart Trainer

4iii launches $600 smart trainer at Eurobike

Silent. Portable. Zero Contact. Introducing the 4iiii Fliiiight Smart Trainer. With near silent operation and ease of setup, the Fliiiight Smart Trainer raises the bar for your next sweat-inducing session on your favourite training app.

“We promised the market disruptive innovation when we acquired STAC Performance and now we’re delivering on that commitment, with a new brand, a fresh product design, and revolutionary engineering enhancements,” says Kip Fyfe, CEO of 4iiii.

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Fliiiight makes the indoor training experience simply better. The smart trainer’s proprietary direct induction resistance algorithms, unique to 4iiii, deliver a flywheel-free, zero-contact, pre-calibrated ride. This means no tire wear, the quietest ride on the market, superior ease of set up and a great road feel, all while keeping your wheel on and your bike road-ready. Fliiiight’s portable design and quiet experience makes it the perfect training tool for urban-dwelling cyclists.

“Fliiiight is the culmination of what we had initially envisioned with the trainer experience: silent and lightweight, industry-leading ease of setup, and a complete training experience on any platform,” says Andrew Buckrell, creator of the STAC Zero and 4iiii’s Technical Director.

The Fliiiight Smart Trainer allows cyclists to take their athletic performance to the next level, fully integrating with popular training software such as Zwift and TrainerRoad and complementing other 4iiii products to create the perfect training trifecta of power measurement, heart rate monitoring and indoor training.

The Fliiiight Smart Trainer will be available for delivery in October 2019 from select retailers.

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