Adidas calls for equal airtime for women’s sports

Adidas released a one-minute film that calls for equal media attention for women’s sports. The film is the second part of the company’s She Breaks Barriers campaign.

The company also said it’s partnered with Twitter and Intersport to livestream women’s high school volleyball and soccer games.

“We believe she needs to see strong female role models to inspire her to pursue her dreams,” said Nicole Vollebregt, Adidas senior vice president of Global Purpose, in a news release. “As part of our continued efforts to increase visibility for women and girls in sport, we have committed to ensuring that we will have equal gender representation across our owned social channels. This is the first step in changing how we will approach content creation in the future.”

We’re out to level the field. We believe that through sport we have the power to change lives. But there are too many obstacles standing between girls and sports. Research shows that only 4% of sports media coverage in the U.S. is dedicated to women’s sport – adidas is tackling this problem head-on by pursuing equality and representation in the media. We’re partnering with Twitter to livestream female high school sports, because when she is seen, she breaks barriers. Together, we can create more opportunity, more access, more visibility.

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Source: Portland Business Journal

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