Sports for Smiles team shipping gear to Montreal Lake Cree Nation

Janeva Shahi and the Sports For Smiles team are gearing up for their next project. Following their various awareness campaigns and equipment drives throughout this past school year, the team, made up of students from Delta and Richmond, is shipping bundles of hockey equipment to Montreal Lake Cree Nation, in Saskatchewan.

In addition, the group will be facilitating leadership seminars over Skype to further engage with the youth of Montreal Lake, and break the barriers between rural and urban communities in sports.

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Sports For Smiles is a non-profit organization that strives to provide all kids with equal sports opportunities. Our goal is to provide Canadian youth with the opportunity to play sports and connect and engage with others in a fun and friendly environment. We are striving to give youth the experience of not only being a part of a team, but a second family while developing a sense of community, leadership and teamwork. With the help of our team’s local high school and community of Delta, BC, we have developed a project that we believe will greatly benefit youth across Canada, especially northern communities.

Goal: To give all children the opportunity and experience of playing sports and the feeling of being a part of not only a team, but a second family.

There is a huge difference between urban communities such as Vancouver and Toronto, and more northern isolated communities that are rural. We are aware of the lack of sports opportunities in rural communities, especially those that are northern and isolated from urban areas; this is our main drive as we want Canada’s northern communities to have the equal opportunities that we youth in British Columbia have. Instead of identifying these to two types of communities as different worlds, we want to connect them and create a national community from the basis of sports!​


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