COBRA Golf, a leader in golf club innovation and design, introduced the F-MAX AIRSPEED.  Building off of the success of the F-MAX family, which debuted in 2017, the new F-MAX AIRSPEED men’s and women’s irons and combo sets deliver a lighter overall club weight, added forgiveness and ease of use over their predecessors.


The COBRA Golf F-MAX AIRSPEED irons take lightweight technology and super game improvement performance to a new level.  A lighter AIRSPEED shaft yields 5 grams in weight-savings over previous models, while a lightweight midsize grip improves feel and control, making these irons easier to hit than ever before for players with moderate swing speeds. Players will enjoy maximum forgiveness and effortless distance through a combination of a deep undercut cavity, low profile shape and greater lofts throughout the set.   The new F-MAX AIRSPEED irons feature the following stroke-saving features:

  • Strategic Weighting – Weight low and wide increases stability and forgiveness on off-center hits, while heel-biased weighting provides draw trajectory for increased accuracy and directional control.
  • Progressive Hosel Design – Shorter hosels in the long irons deliver lower CG for higher launch and gradually increase in length through the mid-irons and wedges, delivering a higher CG for increased control and flatter trajectories in the scoring clubs.
  • Progressive Offset Design –The long irons feature more offset to increase accuracy and forgiveness, while the short irons and wedges feature progressively less offset for maximum control and precision around the green.
  • Low Profile with Deep Undercut Design – A low profile shape with a deep undercut cavity results in higher launch, increased ball speeds and maximum carry distance.
  • Greater Lofts – Greater iron lofts maximize flight trajectory for moderate swing speeds, resulting in increased carry distances, and steeper decent angles for improved stopping power into greens.
  • Premium Chrome Finish – anickel, two-tone chrome plating provides beautiful aesthetics and increased durability for great looking, longer lasting irons.

“For golfers who love the game but just don’t swing it with the same speed they used to, the F-MAX AIRSPEED irons are a great choice, said Tom Olsavsky, VP of R&D for COBRA Golf.  “We are confident that the combination of easy launch, low spin, and increased clubhead speed that these irons provide, will make the game much more enjoyable.”

The COBRA Golf F-MAX AIRSPEED Irons are available in a variety of set options.  See below for each option and pricing.

  • Men’s F-MAX Irons ($699.99 steel; $899.99 graphite) – 7-piece, stock 5-PW, GW set features a 97g FST AIRSPEED steel shaft ($599) in stiff and regular flex; the AIRSPEED graphite shaft is available through custom and is offered with a 50-gram weight shaft in stiff and regular and a 45-gram weight in lite flex; both available in right-hand and left-hand versions in sleek black/blue colorway.
  • Men’s Graphite Combo Set ($899.99) – Two stock 7-piece combo set offerings feature 4H, 5H, 6-PW in regular flex and 5H, 6H, 7-PW, GW in lite flex; both sets come with a COBRA AIRSPEED graphite shaft (50g in regular flex and 45g in lite); available in both right-hand and left-hand versions, in sleek black/blue colorway.
  • Women’s Graphite Combo Set ($899.99) – A 7-piece set features a COBRA AIRSPEED 45-gram graphite shaft and includes two hybrids and five irons (5H, 6H, 7-PW, SW); available in both right-hand and left-hand versions in ladies flex.  Available in a striking black/lilac colorway.

The men’s and women’s F-MAX AIRSPEED Hybrids featured in the combo sets are also available to purchase as stand-alone options. The F-MAX AIRSPEED Hybrids utilize COBRA’s lightest clubhead, grip and shaft designs in addition to the following game-enhancing technologies:

  • Back/Heel CG Weighting – An internal weight pad strategically positions weight low, back and towards the heel to deliver straighter trajectories.
  • Offset Hosel Design – An offset hosel design helps to square the face quicker at impact to increase launch and improve accuracy.

The men’s F-MAX AIRSPEED Hybrids ($219.99) are available in 3H (19 o), 4H (22 o), 5H (25 o), 6H (28 o) and 7H (RH only) (31 o) of loft in stiff, regular and lite flex.  The women’s F-MAX AIRSPEED Hybrids are available in 4H (23o), 5H (26 o), 6H (29 o) and 7H (RH Only) (32 o) in ladies flex.  The F-MAX AIRSPEED women’s hybrids feature a street price of $199 and come in a striking black/lilac colorway.

The F-MAX AIRSPEED Irons, Hybrids and Combo Sets are available beginning January 10, 2020 in store and at



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