The newly-opened MEC flagship at 300 Queen Street West, at the corner of Soho Street, is the first flagship location for the chain — a relocated Vancouver flagship will open in October. The two-level Toronto store is impressive and dominates the street with an expansive facade and large branded signage, and it replaces a slightly smaller location on King Street West on a site that is slated for redevelopment.

MEC’s Queen Street flagship includes 35,750 square feet of retail space in a building measuring about 54,000 square feet. It’s being positioned as a ‘community hub’ by offering clinics, events, member services and spaces for local outdoor groups and organizations to reserve and use. MEC’s brand awareness in the GTA is tremendous, with nearly 500,000 co-op members in the area.

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MEC offers a low-cost equipment rental program that offers camping gear, skis, boats and other options to enable customers to get active outdoors.

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In October, MEC will open its second flagship location in Vancouver’s Olympic Village area, which the store is building from timber construction and as with other units, will be carbon-neutral. While MEC is leasing its new Queen Street space, it will own the Vancouver store outright, which will also include corporate offices.

Source: Retail Insider

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