Play is a powerful force. It brings people together and strengthens communities. Dave Borman embraced that feeling as a little boy, the very first time a friend called and invited him out to play ball. And he lives it at Battle River Sports Excellence every single day.

Dave was a banker first. But even as his career evolved over 15 years, he knew there was something else out there for him. After a lot of thought, Dave took a leap of faith in the summer of 2008 and opened up shop in Camrose. His goal? Help a new generation of kids fall in love with sports.

Even before making the jump to entrepreneurship, Dave spent down time on the playing field, or helping local teams secure equipment. That shaped his vision for the shop. Dave saw a shop local gap around sporting goods. Like all great entrepreneurs, he solved the problem himself.

Fueled by memories of community events and local spirit, everything Dave does is now about enabling people to come out and play. From hockey, baseball and football to soccer, volleyball and everything in between: he’s got what folks need to connect through sports. Whether he’s sponsoring team uniforms or building local playgrounds, Dave’s focused on helping kids maintain healthy lifestyles and fall in love with play.

In his own words: “Years ago, a customer told me their child had thought of us while doing a school project around prayer. This kiddo had prayed that we’d continue to support local baseball, and that I’d keep my sense of humour. I have to say: that’s everything to me. It’s our purpose.”

Bet you didn’t know: Play ball! Dave’s been President of the board of Camrose’s minor baseball association for the last 14 years. He’s helped grow the group’s house league programs into competitive teams.

Please remember to shop local.

We are 200 Strong.